Ascendia means 9 countries, over 1100 hours of educational content, more than 8000 interactive eLearning objects.

About the Company

Behind the numbers we are a team of enthusiastic people. Some of us young and creative, some of us with a long term experience in eLearning, 3D modelling and computer arts. Our team presently consists of 27 members and it’s still expanding.

Our goal is to find the most challenging projects in education. Technology is evolving rapidly. We manage to keep up to date by collaborating within the dynamic teams we form around projects. We share our experience with those around us and together we focus on results.

The Sky's The Limit

We take pride in our projects:

  • EduTeca Collection, The Seasons Series - 14 massive applications with educational games for preschool children
  • over 500 hours of educational courses for general school and high school
  • eContent for corporations or other institutions
  • Applications on IOS App Store
  • Applications on Google Play

Since eLearning means a lot of state-of-the-art technologies, we easily carry out any other IT projects such as software, web design and mobile applications.

eLearning Courses

eLearning courses, especially courses conforming to SCORM 2004 and AICC standards

Interactive Apps

interactive applications (3D modeling, virtual simulations, scientific models, virtual laboratories)

Game Engines

multiplayer, synchronous or turn-based game engines

Multimedia Presentations

multimedia presentations (video, sound, interactivity, 3D simulations)

applications and web portals

You will benefit from the latest technologies in portal implementation.

applications for mobile devices

innovative solutions for smartphones and tablets

Academic Subscription

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