LIVRESQ Content Shop

Offers the perfect framework for storing and publishing digital resources

Launch Date: 2020

The LIVRESQ Store will complement the LIVRESQ Suite by offering users various types of resources that they can use in the LIVRESQ Author. In addition, it will give users the opportunity to monetize their own resources.

Types of digital resources that will be available in the Shop:

  • Interactive objects - games, applications, new types of tests (quizzes), new functionalities, etc. 
  • Templates for Interactive Lessons
  • Templates for digital books
  • Pictures, videos, animations, sounds, 3D interactive models

Each content creator will have a special status in the LIVRESQ Community.

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It's all you need to create and publish interactive multimedia projects.

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IF you are an academic (teacher/educator) , you can receive 1 year of free access, with a possible renewal.

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