Samsung and Ascendia announce a strategic partnership for the digitization of educational institutions in Romania: the LIVRESQ e-learning authoring tool will be integrated into Samsung Flip interactive boards

Ascendia, leader in digital educational solutions in Romania, and Samsung, global technology leader, announce the signing of a strategic partnership, with the aim of contributing to the modernization and digitization of schools in Romania.

The partnership aims to bring the advanced functionalities of educational content creation from LIVRESQ directly to Samsung Flip interactive boards. These new digital tools will allow teachers to adapt the content according to the specific needs of the pupils, to create interdisciplinary lessons, to integrate various multimedia resources and to interact with students in a more dynamic and efficient way.

„Our mission at Ascendia has always been to provide access to high quality education for as many pupils, students and teachers in Romania as possible. We understand that in the digital age we live in, access to technology and digital educational resources can make all the difference in a student’s academic success or a teacher’s effectiveness. By integrating LIVRESQ, our e-learning authoring tool, into Samsung Flip interactive boards, we are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal.

This integration is not just about providing technology – it is about creating a modern, flexible, and engaging learning environment that encourages exploration and continuous development. It is about providing a platform that teachers can use to create and distribute interactive educational content, content that can be personalized to suit the specific needs of each pupil.

We see this partnership as an extraordinary opportunity to generate a positive impact on the educational sector in Romania and we are looking forward to seeing how it will help shape the future of education in our country.”, said Cosmin Mălureanu, CEO, Ascendia.

This initiative will make cutting-edge educational technology more accessible to educational institutions in Romania. LIVRESQ licenses will be made available for all Samsung Flip interactive boards that are being used in various educational institutions: from kindergartens, schools, and high schools, to universities and libraries. This will result in increased access to high-quality digital educational resources for students, teachers, and researchers in Romania.

„Working with Ascendia complements the series of strategic partnerships we aim for within the SEED program, a program designed to support the educational environment in Romania. Through this program, we aim to provide schools with the latest technology needed for the development of digital skills among students and teachers. Currently, there are approximately 7,000 Samsung interactive boards in the ecosystem of connected smart classrooms, within which communities can benefit from shared educational resources, whether we talk about a teacher in Alba giving an interactive lesson in 3 counties, or a digital library accessible to everyone. This is not just an impressive statistic, but also an illustration of our commitment to making technology available to education. With each interactive board that reaches the classroom, we open new possibilities for learning and teaching. Thus, we not only simplify access to high-quality digital educational resources but also provide a service infrastructure and national level support, including a dedicated call center. The integration of the LIVRESQ e-learning authoring tool in these interactive boards does nothing but amplify this potential, improving the educational experience for a significant number of institutions. Our mission is to build a brighter future through education and technological innovation, and this partnership with Ascendia is a major step in this direction”, added Cristian Constantin, Head of Division Enterprise Business Team & Education Strategy Director-Central Eastern European Display Organisation, Samsung.

Romania ranks last among the 27 member states of the European Union in terms of digital skills, according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). However, digital literacy is essential for future generations. After Gen Z, the digital natives, there’s Gen Alpha, a generation that demands the redefinition of traditional educational methods and a shift towards active and interactive learning.

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