Using Canva's Color Palettes Tool
for Your Course


Synergies are found all over in nature, so it must be of no surprise that digital tools synergise also. Today we will talk about something that is essential in the process of creating courses and that is finding and using the right color palette for the right audience. This process usually takes a lot of time and generates frustration for people that are not familiar with graphic design, such as trainers and teachers.

Now, we do know that many trainers and many teachers use both Canva (asset creation) and LIVRESQ (course creation), but they don’t necessarily use both of them at the same time. Throughout this article we will explore how to bring these tools closer in terms of collaboration so that you get your project done in excellent time, but also looking great, minus the frustration.

Let’s see how you can use one of the tools made by Canva for choosing the best color. It is called Color Palettes and the results can be applied to LIVRESQ also:

Steps to use the tool in Canva: 

  1. Go to In the middle of the screen you will see a search box;
  2. Click inside the search box and type in some of your main ideas regarding what the course should look like;
  3. Once you start entering text from your keyboard, Canva will also start to offer suggestions to match the query; 
  4. Click on the result that you find to be useful. Tip: Once you click it, you will also get some related combinations to the one you found, don’t ignore them.

One aspect here, for background elements in a course we recommend that you use 2 or 3 colors maximum and stick with them throughout your material. This decision will have a great impact for the learner.

Now, you have some codes from the Canva Color Palettes tool, but what do you do with them?


  • In Canva, enter the editor:


  1. Select one design that is relevant to your course. Do that from what you already made or a new one entirely;
  2. Enter it;
  3. To start applying the codes to the elements, you select the target element, then you go to the top left section and click on the color button;
  4. A panel will open and there you can insert the color code directly into the search box Pro Tip: In this search box you can search directly for the color palette also, by its name, for example: “Thwarted Summer Shower”. 


  • In LIVRESQ, enter the editor:


  1. Select the course
  2. Go to Preferences – Properties Tab (in the right section of the screen)
  3. Select one of the “Themes” and click on the wheel button. A panel with details will open. Here you can place the color codes from the Canva Palettes tool.
  4. Begin experimenting with “Primary color”, “Lighter primary color” and “Darker Primary color”. You can also experiment with the Background color. To apply any code select one of the color buttons found on the right of each modifier.


Doing these simple things can help you save a lot of time. Once you are using the same color palette in both Canva and LIVRESQ it will get much easier for you to develop that course or lesson. See below a short video with the steps.

Have a great day,

Alex Malureanu

Co-Founder & CMO Ascendia S.A.