About Us

16 years of e-learning and impact in education

Above many, positive societal change is one of our objectives.

We believe that technology can have a huge positive impact on education in all of its forms and levels. That is why 16 years ago we started Ascendia, the company that produces LIVRESQ.


Transparency on how we run our business is important, so in 2016 we decided to take our company public and list it on the stock exchange. Our income, expenses, main projects and objectives reports are visible for anyone to see directly on the website of the stock market.


We steadily work with 52 companies and educational institutions on various e-learning projects. We basically help them with LIVRESQ licences, CoffeeLMS (our learning management system), our e-learning off-the-shelf courses called eJourneys and with e-learning development services. That is why we position ourselves as a one stop shop for e-learning, offering the complete package from creation of e-learning content to actual deployment in various learning management systems and reporting.


We are now 56 people working on our main business lines. Many have teachers as parents and that is why the drive to make a difference for the educational sector as a whole. 

A few of our team members, we don't pose for pictures that often!

As you might have guessed, we are also looking for other impact generators to join our teams as we expand. So, if you want to reach us for a position in Sales, Marketing, Content Development, please get in touch.