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As part of our commitment, we aim to help Ministries of Education from around the world with access to LIVRESQ technology. Our common goal is to develop educational materials adapted to the times we live in.

For this reason, the LIVRESQ Library was created.

In the LIVRESQ Library ( you will find interactive lessons, textbooks and e-learning courses made by contributors.

The LIVRESQ Library, in numbers, at the end of 2023: more than 20,500 public and private educational materials available, 6,019 public and free lessons, 424 CRED OERs (Open Educational Resources), 561 lessons approved by the Ministry of Education, 1,510 editable lessons.

Benefits for publishing in the LIVRESQ Library

  • Sharing your interactive projects is much easier
  • Primești recomăndari direct din partea utilizatorilor tăi
  • You have a safe place for your publications
  • Find and use complete source files

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