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How to Make Hyperlinks Work for Your E-Learning Courses

How to Make Hyperlinks Work for Your E-Learning Courses

The success of an e-learning course lies in its ability to engage and interact with its students. One way to achieve this is by incorporating hyperlinks into your course material. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of hyperlinks and how to use them effectively to enhance the learning experience for your students.

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✍️ We've put together an important list of resources to help you make interactive lessons with LIVRESQ. Below you will find the links to the webinars held so far. Access is completely free.

Number Name Description Link
1 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching! Are you ready to revolutionize your teaching methods and inspire your students like never before? Join us for our English-language webinar series that sets to make a positive impact on education worldwide!
2 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching! AI in Education: Tips and Tricks Get ready for an educational transformation like never before! Join us for the second edition of our webinar series, „LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching,” where we’ll unlock the incredible potential of AI in education. This time, we’re thrilled to have a distinguished guest, Smriti Vasistha, Teacher Trainer and Academic Director for ITC International in Prague, Czech Republic, who brings a wealth of experience in teacher training to the table.
3 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Design, plan and structure your eLearning content We are excited to announce the new „Planning mode” feature in LIVRESQ. This functionality allows educators and content creators to design, structure, and optimize their eLearning content for the best learner experience.
4 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Add Stock Photos Straight From LIVRESQ We have fantastic news for you! We are thrilled to announce a highly-anticipated feature that will take your educational resources to the next level. Now you can seamlessly incorporate stock photos directly from the LIVRESQ platform into your teaching materials.
5 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Enhance Learning with Interactive Video Quizzes We are thrilled to show you the innovative feature of inserting quizzes inside videos in LIVRESQ’s eLearning authoring tool. This cutting-edge functionality empowers educators and content creators to make their video content more interactive and engaging, thereby enhancing the learning experience.
6 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Diving into the world of quizzes We’re thrilled to bring you another empowering webinar, and this time, we’re diving into the world of quizzes! Quizzes are a powerful tool for gauging student understanding and enhancing the learning experience. In this webinar, we’ll cover various types of quizzes available in the LIVRESQ app: single choice, multiple choice, drag & drop, fill-in, highlight, drop-down, reordering, and open-ended. Discover how to leverage each type to engage your students and reinforce key concepts.
7 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – What we have prepared for BETT We’re diving into the world of education! We have participated in the largest global EdTech event for education technology – BETT 2024, where there were over 1.200 EdTech providers and over 60,000 participants.
8 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Introducing the LIVRESQ AI Lesson Generator Our AI Lesson Generator is designed to empower educators like you by seamlessly generating dynamic, engaging lessons. Explore the endless possibilities as we showcase the innovative features that make LIVRESQ a game-changer in education.
9 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Take your lessons to the next level with stock videos and images! We launched a new feature: the ability to search for and insert stock videos directly into LIVRESQ. This enhancement allows you to enrich your lessons with high-quality multimedia resources, enhancing engagement and the effectiveness of the learning process.
10 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Embedding external applications and interactive resources directly into LIVRESQ We will delve into the topic of embedding external applications and interactive resources directly into LIVRESQ.In today’s digital age, incorporating interactive elements into lessons is essential for engaging students and enhancing their learning experience. With this in mind, we have developed features within LIVRESQ that allow you to integrate external applications and interactive resources into your lessons seamlessly.
11 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Guide Your Students Progress we will focus on teaching participants how to effectively utilize tools for guiding progress inside lessons, such as virtual assistants/avatars and barriers. Providing guidance and support to students throughout their learning journey is crucial for fostering engagement and comprehension.
12 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – How to add various interactive resources into LIVRESQ lessons? In this webinar, we will explore the topic of interactive resources in LIVRESQ and teach you how to integrate image galleries, tabs, accordions, and hotspots directly into your lessons.
13 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Learn how to organize your lessons effectively using bookmarks In this webinar, we will focus on how to organize your lessons effectively using bookmarks and create a functional, easy-to-access table of contents.
14 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – Learn how to set general preferences for your projects in LIVRESQ In this webinar, we will focus on setting general preferences for the entire project in LIVRESQ, including customizing colors, themes, adding project-wide information and links, configuring various interactive elements, and adding metadata for publishing lessons.
15 LIVRESQ: Empower Your Teaching – How to export projects with complete metadata? In this engaging session, we will explore how to effectively share and utilize the lessons you create in LIVRESQ, covering topics like exporting projects, metadata, and the LIVRESQ Library.

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