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What is included in the LIVRESQ Suite?

All the tools needed for editing, publishing and managing your learning projects.


Create learning projects, on the web.


Publish projects online and set access rights to them.

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How does LIVRESQ work?

You can start a project from scratch, adding resources (texts, photos, videos, etc.) from your own computer or created directly in the LIVRESQ Author. Or you can import an EPUB file, created with Adobe InDesign®, to access the resources already organized for printing.

If you want to add resources directly from the online environment, they can be linked from anywhere, respecting the copyright of the producers of these materials.

When the project is ready, it can be downloaded and then uploaded anywhere (LMS, SMS, website) or published online privately or publicly in the LIVRESQ Library.

Basic Features

The user can access editable content (projects, sections, resources, effects) already created by the LIVRESQ team. The user can add this content to his personal/commercial projects.

Access from Organizer - Templates

The user can add images to build the course/lesson.

Types of images accepted:

  • .jpg
  • .png

Galleries are groups of images that the user can add to the educational material that is being built. 

Textboxes are used to add text (with multiple types of formats and styles) to a course.

Quizzes are the bread and butter of eLearning Courses.

Types of quizzes that can be inserted in the LIVRESQ Author:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag and Drop
  • Dropdown
  • Reordering
  • Open-ended (Free answer)

The user can add videos to the course in two ways:

  • Upload the video directly into the material
  • Use Youtube link
  • Embed with iFrame from other sites

Users can add audio files to the eLearning course/lesson.

The file must be .mp3

The user can add hyperlinks on any type of resource. 

Easily found in the Properties Panel - Action button.

Pop-ups are windows that have other resources in them (images, videos, quizzes, tables, textboxes, etc).

In LIVRESQ Author they are accessed through the "Launch resource" action.

The user can add a GIF like he would add a normal image resource (it is the same process).

GIFs are animations composed of multiple images tied together.

iFrames are boxes with content that it is streamed directly from another external website.

Any type of content can be accessed like this as long as the website that has the content is online.

Tables are cells arranged in rows and columns.  

The user can insert a table by adding a textbox resource and then selecting table from the new menu.

Advanced Features

The LIVRESQ Author is Web-Based.

It is accessed via a web browser. Popular browsers include:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

SCORM is an important standard in the eLearning Industry.

Most eLearning specialists are required to build courses in authoring tools that can produce SCORM packages. This allows a SCORM compliant LMS to effectively communicate with the course.

LIVRESQ Author has a trial period of 60 days.

Each user can try the functionalities before deciding to buy after the trial period ends.

Users can change the look and feel of the LIVRESQ course, either by selecting the desired theme or setting their own colors and styles.

Best place to change them globally is the Preferences Section of each Project.

Users can export each LIVRESQ course as an HTML5 package.

They can then place the package wherever they desire.

Works offline also. 

Users that have content made with InDesign can export the .epub from there.

Then import the .epub file directly in LIVRESQ, where the material can be further structured, edited and made interactive.

Build once, publish the course for multiple platforms. 

LIVRESQ courses work on desktops, tablets and phones.

During the building process of the course, by clicking the "Preview" button you can see exactly how the course will behave for multiple platforms and devices.

Each LIVRESQ course is responsive, so it will look great on any device, no matter the size of the screen or resolution.

No course is complete without a table of contents. 

In LIVRESQ you can insert a table of contents in the Workshop section of each project.

Depending on the branding requirements, each LIVRESQ course can make use of the Themes available.

Themes affect both colors and styles of the course. Multiple themes can be used in the same course.

Each LIVRESQ project or section can be shared with other contributors so everyone can do the work at the same time.

Works very well when different people are in charge of different chapters.

You can apply filters, you can draw over the image, you can write over the image, you can put geometric shapes, you can rotate the image. You can resize the image, you can clean the image (by filling it with white), you can insert photos into the image as stickers.

Once a LIVRESQ course is build, you can share it with anyone that you like.

You can do it privately through the download option or you can make it public through the LIVRESQ Library.

This can be done with a simple copy-paste action.

You select what you want to copy and then paste it in the new location, works with all the sections and the resources.

Triggers are actions that can be attached to certain resources like images and texts.

Possible actions:

  • Launch Resource
  • Follow Bookmark
  • Follow Link

Disconnect Shield detects if the user from the course is no longer connected to the internet and warns him.

Keep Alive detects if the user is inactive in the course and if enough time passes, it closes the course.

This to avoid logging time for the course completion when reporting to an LMS.

Choose the LIVRESQ Suite

When you want to create interactive and responsive multimedia projects, without programming knowledge. All you need is a computer and a web browser!

The Suite offers you all the necessary tools, organized efficiently, so whether you are an expert or a novice, you will be able to create an impactful project in a very short time!

Start with a

It's all you need to create and publish interactive multimedia projects.

Try the Suite now, free of charge for 60 days (no payment card details required).

IF you are an academic (teacher/educator) , you can receive 1 year of free access, with a possible renewal.

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