Create courses and interactive lessons directly from the browser.

Create courses and interactive lessons directly from the browser.

Over 120.300 creators from 6940+ institutions and companies use our e-Learning authoring tool to build educational content.

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The AI lesson and course generator is here!

LIVRESQ incorporates OpenAI GPT-4o artificial intelligence technology, enabling teachers and trainers to create unique, high-quality content for their e-learning courses and interactive lessons.

Recently Launched Components:

  1. AI Enhancer – AI Image Generator (17.06.2024)
  2. AI Video Generator (08.02.2024)
  3. AI Lesson and e-Learning Course Generator (22.01.2024)
  4. AI Enhancer – AI Text Rephraser (15.06.2023)
  5. AI Enhancer – AI Text Generator (15.06.2023)
  6. More coming soon

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How does LIVRESQ work?

Step 1. Login

Just login from your favorite browser. No need to download anything.

Step 2. Create

You can start building a project from a beautiful template, using popular samples, or you can start it from scratch.

Step 3. Publish

When the project is ready, it can be downloaded and then uploaded anywhere (LMS, SMS, website) or published online privately or publicly in the LIVRESQ Library.

All projects made in LIVRESQ can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You create one time and then have the content available on all devices, regardless of the operating system or web browser used by them.

Basic Features

The user can access editable content (projects, sections, resources, effects) already created by the LIVRESQ team. The user can add this content to his personal/commercial projects.

Access from Organizer - Templates

The user can add images to build the course/lesson.

Galleries are groups of images that the user can add to the educational material that is being built. 

Textboxes are used to add text (with multiple types of formats and styles) to a course.

Quizzes are the bread and butter of eLearning Courses.

Types of quizzes that can be inserted in the LIVRESQ Author:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag and Drop
  • Dropdown
  • Reordering
  • Open-ended (Free answer)

The user can add videos to the course in two ways:

  • Upload the video directly into the material
  • Use Youtube link
  • Embed with iFrame from other sites

The user can add any type of attachment to his course/lesson. 

Users can add audio files to the eLearning course/lesson.

The file must be .mp3

The user can add hyperlinks on any type of resource. 

Easily found in the Properties Panel - Action button.

Pop-ups are windows that have other resources in them (images, videos, quizzes, tables, textboxes, etc).

In LIVRESQ Author they are accessed through the "Launch resource" action.

The user can add a GIF like he would add a normal image resource (it is the same process).

GIFs are animations composed of multiple images tied together.

iFrames are boxes with content that it is streamed directly from another external website.

Any type of content can be accessed like this as long as the website that has the content is online.

Tables are cells arranged in rows and columns.  

The user can insert a table by adding a textbox resource and then selecting table from the new menu.

Efectele sunt animații (Tranziții) care pot fi aplicate oricărei structuri sau resurse. Animația este vizibilă doar când elementul respectiv este vizualizat prima dată.

Advanced Features

The LIVRESQ Author is Web-Based.

It is accessed via a web browser. Popular browsers include:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

SCORM is an important standard in the eLearning Industry.

Most eLearning specialists are required to build courses in authoring tools that can produce SCORM packages. This allows a SCORM compliant LMS to effectively communicate with the course.

Users can export each LIVRESQ course as an HTML5 package.

They can then place the package wherever they desire.

Works offline also. 

This AI generator has the ability to analyze and understand the learning objectives of a course, proposing appropriate multimedia content.
For example, it can generate entire content sections composed of tables, texts, pictures, quizzes, case studies, characters, thus providing an immersive and personalised learning experience.

This feature uses advanced GPT-4o and DALL-E technology to automatically create personalized and relevant images for various educational and creative needs.


- Avatar Selection: Users can choose from different avatar models to represent the speaker in the video. The avatars displayed offer various poses and outfits which users can select to fit the context of their video.
- Insert Gestures at key points in the video. Emphasize key points in your videos with strategic gestures, adding a layer of realism and engagement to your content.
- Language and Voice Settings: Tailor your avatar's voice and language to align with your target audience, ensuring your message is delivered clearly and effectively.
-Interactive Video Preview Area: Fine-tune your content with our user-friendly video preview feature, allowing for seamless playback and adjustments to your creation.
- SSML Edit Capability: Unlock advanced speech synthesis with SSML editing, offering you unparalleled control over speech patterns, tones, and inflections.

Users receive access to the AI Enhancer.

AI Enhancer is an advanced LIVRESQ feature that incorporates OpenAI GPT-4o technology, empowering teachers and trainers to create high-quality, unique content for their e-learning courses and interactive lessons.

Characters that can be inserted into elearning courses / interactive lessons.
Uses for the elearning avatars:
  • Asking Key Questions
  • Providing advice / feedback on the actions of the user in the course
  • Highlighting key elements
  • Providing summaries for sections / chapters
  • There are situations when the entire course is a dialogue between the avatars who have to solve certain situations together.
  • As a navigation tool

The user can publish to his private shelf from LIVRESQ. Each training material will receive a secret link that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Users can change the look and feel of the LIVRESQ course, either by selecting the desired theme or setting their own colors and styles.

Best place to change them globally is the Preferences Section of each Project.

Content made in Microsoft Powerpoint ( .pptx files) can be imported directly into LIVRESQ.
Both texts and pictures will be imported once you click the upload button. 

Users that have content made with InDesign can export the .epub from there.

Then import the .epub file directly in LIVRESQ, where the material can be further structured, edited and made interactive.

Users who have projects already made and exported in SCORM or HTML5 format can archive them in a .zip file that can be directly imported into LIVRESQ.

Build once, publish the course for multiple platforms. 

LIVRESQ courses work on desktops, tablets and phones.

During the building process of the course, by clicking the "Preview" button you can see exactly how the course will behave for multiple platforms and devices.

Each LIVRESQ course is responsive, so it will look great on any device, no matter the size of the screen or resolution.

It allows users to plan and structure their lesson or course content.

Users can create a high-level structure of their course by defining sections, modules, or elements. This helps in organizing content in a logical and coherent manner.

No course is complete without a table of contents. 

In LIVRESQ you can insert a table of contents in the Workshop section of each project.

Depending on the branding requirements, each LIVRESQ course can make use of the Themes available.

Themes affect both colors and styles of the course. Multiple themes can be used in the same course.

Each LIVRESQ project or section can be shared with other contributors so everyone can do the work at the same time.

Works very well when different people are in charge of different chapters.

Each LIVRESQ project or section can be advanced styled via CSS code.

You can apply filters, you can draw over the image, you can write over the image, you can put geometric shapes, you can rotate the image. You can resize the image, you can clean the image (by filling it with white), you can insert photos into the image as stickers.

The user can insert and edit complex formulas with a simple drag and drop interface.

Once a LIVRESQ course is build, you can share it with anyone that you like.

You can do it privately through the download option or you can make it public through the LIVRESQ Library.

This can be done with a simple copy-paste action.

You select what you want to copy and then paste it in the new location, works with all the sections and the resources.

Triggers are actions that can be attached to certain resources like images and texts.

Possible actions:

  • Launch Resource
  • Follow Bookmark
  • Follow Link

Disconnect Shield detects if the user from the course is no longer connected to the internet and warns him.

Keep Alive detects if the user is inactive in the course and if enough time passes, it closes the course.

This to avoid logging time for the course completion when reporting to an LMS.

Publish industry standard SCORM packages

We know that compliance is important for you and your company, that is why LIVRESQ supports the most advanced and popular international standards in eLearning:

  1. SCORM 2004 3rd edition
  2. SCORM 2004 4th edition
  3. SCORM 1.2 edition
Hundreds of thousands of companies use Learning Management Systems that are SCORM compliant. That is why LIVRESQ creates SCORM packages also, to ensure that your course will work, not just in one compatible LMS, but in all of them.

Courses created with LIVRESQ are compatible and integrate nicely with over 400 LMS!

If you are using an LMS to train employees in your company or institution, you most certainly need to know if what you develop with LIVRESQ will be compatible with your LMS.

We present a short list with Learning Management Systems that can be used with LIVRESQ without any problems.

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LIVRESQ is all you need to create and publish training courses and interactive lessons.

No payment card needed to use it for free.

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