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Each license purchased gives access to all of the features of the LIVRESQ Author


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Features of the LIVRESQ Author

Collaborative Work

The team often ensures the success of a project. Any resource created by you in LIVRESQ can be shared immediately with other team members, so that everyone can work on the project at the same time.

Types of resources that can be aggregated in the project: picture, text, film / animation, sound, question, application.

You can upload materials directly from from your computer or the Internet. Add the desired resource to the Editor and then use it in any project.

Colors Personalization

For those who are attentive to details, the LIVRESQ Editor offers customization of the colors of the created resources.

Guides for Positioning the Resources in the Project Page

Don't know exactly how to position your content in LIVRESQ Editor? The rows, columns and separators are there to help!

Simple Interface

Intuitive and adapted to your screen. The drag and drop interface is extremely easy to use by teachers and creators of eLearning courses.

.epub Import

Each material created in LIVRESQ can also be created from a .epub file (created in InDesign®, a tool very well known by publishers). This file is imported directly into the LIVRESQ Editor.

Online and Offline

All the projects created in the LIVRESQ Editor can be accessed directly online or offline (CDs, stickers, computers without Internet access, etc.).

Easy Reusability

Each resource made by you in the LIVRESQ Editor can be reused in another project immediately.