Ascendia, a partner in the European project EMPASS, an employment skills project to be developed by JA Europe and a consortium of 14 partners with funding from the European Union

Ascendia, a leading developer of e-learning solutions, is a partner in a new European Union (EU) funded project under the Erasmus+ Forward Looking Programme, EMPASS: The Employment Skills Pass, a quality standard for a faster transition from education to employment. This innovative initiative aims to equip young people with the tools and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic labour market. The consortium of 14 partners, led by Junior Achievement Europe, Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy programmes, is developing a new micro-credential that will enable young Europeans to develop and validate essential employability skills while meeting the evolving demands of employers across Europe.

The new micro-credential will be developed in collaboration with leading education experts through a partnership that includes various national organisations, representatives of the business sector, as well as technical and vocational education and training (TVET) providers in Europe. Junior Achievement leads the consortium and consists of Ascendia, Fundacion Junior Achievement Espana, Zurich Insurance Plc Sucursal En España, Institut Escola Del Treball De Barcelona, Somateio Epixeirimatikotita Neon, Institouto Mikron Epichiriseon Genikis Synomospondias, Institouto Ergasias Gsee, Asociatia Junior Achievement Romania, Colegiul Economic „Virgil Madgearu” Bucuresti, I-Ds Koucing & Konsalting Dooel, Experis Manpowergroup, Accenture Belgium and Worldskills Foundation Romania as an associate.

Building on the existing training experience of the project consortium partners, the new micro-credential will focus on transversal competencies and TVET and will be delivered through a combination of online assessments and practical challenges. The micro-credential obtained upon successful completion of the programme will demonstrate to potential employers the candidate’s work readiness, together with specific skills and competencies.

On the occasion of the launch of the EMPASS project, Cosmin Mălureanu, CEO and co-founder of Ascendia, said: „We are delighted to be part of this innovative project and to collaborate with Junior Achievement Europe and the other partners in the consortium to develop a new certification, connected to the needs of the labour market. At Ascendia, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of young people by providing them with essential tools to successfully navigate the dynamic world of the labour market. This project is a significant step in this direction, giving young people the opportunity to validate essential employability skills in line with the evolving requirements of employers across Europe.”

Gabriel Lazăr, Ascendia’s Development and Research Director, sees this project as a leap forward in the development and education of young people in Europe: „The EMPASS project will change the rules of the game, giving young Europeans the opportunity to build a solid future and actively contribute to the European economy. We are proud to be part of this joint effort and to significantly contribute to promoting a workforce adapted to the demands of today’s labour market, in line with the EU’s growth and skills development objectives.”

The EU’s support for the development of a new micro-credential underlines its commitment to promoting a highly skilled workforce capable of boosting economic growth in Europe. The objectives of the EMPASS project are closely aligned with the new Skills Agenda for Europe and the Digital Literacy Action Plan, which recognise the need for innovative and learner-centred approaches to education and skills development.

As part of the initiative, JA Europe will use its extensive network of 42 member organisations in 40 European countries to drive and implement the new micro-credential on a large scale, reaching thousands of young people across Europe each year.