Hello everyone,

As we roll updates on LIVRESQ, it is also fun to find the time to create some great elearning templates that our clients can use when building their courses.

Introducing: Aero – Skyline!

This one is a treat for those looking to upgrade their corporate projects.

To use it for your eLearning courses:

  1. Login into the LIVRESQ Author
  2. Go to the Organizer
  3. Select “Templates”
  4. Select the Aero – Skyline template – the full name will be „Project Template – EN – Aero – Corporate – Skyline”
  5. Click “Duplicate”
  6. That’s it! You now have it in your Resources.

For a hands-on preview, you can access it here in the LIVRESQ Library: Corporate – Aero – Skyline eLearning Template

Fun fact: You can also insert the content directly into your section via the „Resource from Organizer” button.

You should be expecting more templates to be added soon. 

Stay safe everyone,
Cosmin Malureanu
CEO Ascendia S.A.