LIVRESQ is an online e-learning authoring tool designed to create interactive lessons and eLearning courses.

The tool is used by more than 31000 teachers from close to 6300 educational institutions, but also by ministries of education and NGOs that need to create professional educational learning materials for their pupils.

LIVRESQ uses Images, Galleries, Textboxes, Quizzes, Videos, Audio Files, Pop-ups, GIFs, iFrames, Tables, Templates and eLearning Avatars. All of these resources can be used to build a LIVRESQ course or lesson.

  1. Developed courses can be downloaded and uploaded to any learning platform or website;
  2. LIVRESQ is web-based with a drag and drop interface;
  3. Courses built with LIVRESQ are compliant with the most advanced standard in digital education (eLearning – SCORM)
  4. No programming skills needed, if you are a learning professional you should focus on that, not learning how to code
  5. LIVRESQ is WYSIWYG, you can see each course exactly how it will look like on multiple devices.
  6. Templates will help you get started.
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How does LIVRESQ work?

Step 1. Login

Just login from your favorite browser. No need to download anything.

Step 2. Create

You can start building a project from a beautiful template, using popular samples, or you can start it from scratch.

Step 3. Publish

When the project is ready, it can be downloaded and then uploaded anywhere (LMS, SMS, website) or published online privately or publicly in the LIVRESQ Library.

All projects made in LIVRESQ can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You create one time and then have the content available on all devices, regardless of the operating system or web browser used by them.

Offer for each school in the Microsoft program (max 3000 teachers/school)

  • LIVRESQ 1 year premium subscription for each teacher from the school/educational institution accepted;
  • Training – „Basics of using LIVRESQ”  – 5 modules completed with official certification diploma from our company for each teacher from the school/educational institution accepted.

The Retail value of this offer, that is supported for free by LIVRESQ:

  • Subscription: maximum of 34.68 EUR/teacher/year

Example: School has 50 teachers. In total subscription value: 50 teachers x 34.68EUR=1734 EUR

  • Training: maximum of 55.86 EUR/teacher/year. Each complete training costs a teacher 55.86.

Example: School has 50 teachers. In total training value: 50 teachers x 54.86EUR=2743 EUR

Training is for the teacher activating the subscription. The two are a pair.

* no resales are permited

Valid Regions

  • Worldwide

Sign up period

  • September 1st, 2022 thru February 28th, 2023
  • Sign up needs to be made by an official representative of the school

Qualified Members

  • All Microsoft Showcase Schools


  • Current paying customers of the ISV solution
  • Customers in current pre-existing sales pipeline as of February 14, 2022 with the ISV

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