Cum creez o lecție interactivă?

Dacă ești profesor, aceasta este primul pas pentru a crea o lecție interactivă. Învață direct, folosind un șablon special realizat pentru acest lucru.

What is the best eLearning Authoring Tool?

Welcome to our guide for choosing the best eLearning authoring tool out there.

If you are just starting to look at solutions for building elearning courses for your training needs, this article should give you a fast understanding of the features that are a must have, not a nice to have.

Beautiful eLearning Template „Aero-Skyline”

„Aero – Skyline” eLearning Template a beautiful elearning theme for corporate courses Hello everyone, As we roll updates on LIVRESQ, it is also fun to find the time to create some great elearning templates that our clients can use when building their courses. Introducing: Aero – Skyline! This one is a treat for those looking […]

Roadmap for LIVRESQ Library and other publishing options

Roadmap for LIVRESQ Library and other publishing options Hello everyone, As LIVRESQ is growing, we are adding new and interesting features. In this post I will share with you our general ROADMAP for the PUBLISHING options of the LIVRESQ Library (, the complementary system of LIVRESQ Author. LIVRESQ Author There are a few categories […]

Modul e-Learning gratuit – Prezentare și măsuri CORONAVIRUS

Prezentare și măsuri CORONAVIRUS Modul e-Learning gratuit Bună ziua, Acesta este post de interes general și a fost trimis către persoanele cu care Ascendia S.A are sau a avut interacțiuni în zona de e-Learning in general. Întrucât COVID-19, boala generata de coronavirusul chinezesc, are potențialul de a avea un impact negativ mare în zona de […]

Long Story Short

Long Story Short So, welcome to our blog! This is the first post. About the company I am Cosmin, I am the CEO of ASCENDIA, the company responsible for developing LIVRESQ and, from time to time I’ll write in this blog to let you all know our plans for the tool, our successes or failures […]