Ascendia announces the launch of LIVRESQ's artificial intelligence-based lesson generator at Bett UK London, the world's largest digital education event

Ascendia, a leading developer of e-learning solutions, announces the official launch of the artificial intelligence-based interactive lesson and e-learning course generator as a feature of the LIVRESQ editor. The unveiling took place at the largest event dedicated to education technology, Bett UK, held in London between 24th and 26th January 2024. This launch thus reinforces Ascendia’s position as a pioneer in the adoption of artificial intelligence in education.

More than 500 digital education companies from around the world exhibited at Bett UK 2024 and the event was attended by more than 30,000 visitors from the fields of education and technology, as well as representatives from multiple Ministries of Education.

The introduction of this functionality in LIVRESQ represents a major advance in the digital education sector. The new component effectively supports teachers and educational institutions, from Ministries of Education to large institutions, in the rapid and scalable generation of thousands of educational resources, compliant with mandatory curricula, structures and templates. The tool comes in response to the growing need for establishing the relevance of digitization in education, providing a leading solution for the creation of personalized educational materials adapted to the digital age.

Alex Mălureanu, CMO and Co-Founder of Ascendia, said „Romania was ranked the lowest in the EU in terms of online education, a sad result that can only be changed by visionary teachers and the use of modern tools. We hope that this e-learning lesson and course generator will fundamentally help the way teaching materials are created. Our vision is for every educational institution to have access to the most effective tools so that it can deliver quality education, regardless of geographical context or available resources.”

Built on OpenAI and Microsoft technologies, the AI Lesson and E-learning Course Generator facilitates the rapid creation of customized educational materials with interdisciplinary and interlinked elements that integrate seamlessly into an e-learning lesson or course. For example, it can generate entire content sections composed of tables, texts, pictures, quizzes, case studies, and characters, thus providing an immersive and personalized learning experience.

The AI generator can analyze and understand the learning objectives of a course, proposing appropriate multimedia content. For example, the creator personalizes the duration of the material, the subject matter, the age of the students or learners, the tone of the material, the language, as well as topics relevant to the target audience.

The unveiling of the functionality at BETT 2024 attracted the attention of many educational institutions, technology developers, and thought leaders from around the world, confirming Ascendia’s commitment to innovation in digital education.