AICC vs SCORM – which is better?

AICC and SCORM are two different technical specifications for eLearning. They define how content is packaged and communicated between e-learning authoring tools and learning management systems.
It’s the age-old question. AICC vs SCORM. which eLearning standard should you use?

Admittedly, it’s not as fun as asking Marvel vs DC, but it’s still an important question to answer. The good news is that there is a clear winner in this fight: SCORM. Here’s why.

What is SCORM compliant?

What is SCORM Compliant? E-Learning courses have become commonplace in the modern corporate world. Many companies use some form of eLearning to train their employees on topics ranging from sexual harassment prevention to accounting principles. While there are many different ways to deliver eLearning content, one of the most popular methods is through SCORM (Sharable […]

Ascendia (LIVRESQ) featured in Microsoft’s global AI for Accessibility Hall of Fame

Our Romanian company Ascendia S.A., the first e-learning company to trade on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with deep experience in e-learning software development, is now featured in Microsoft’s global AI for Accessibility Hall of Fame. This is a huge honor because we are “ one of the 3 worldwide Education companies listed in Microsoft AI for Accessibility Hall of Fame and the only one from Europe!”, according to Florentina Marilena Ionascu – Educational Director at Microsoft.

Long Story Short

Long Story Short So, welcome to our blog! This is the first post. About the company I am Cosmin, I am the CEO of ASCENDIA, the company responsible for developing LIVRESQ and, from time to time I’ll write in this blog to let you all know our plans for the tool, our successes or failures […]